Apr 3, 2014

Online Education: Easy-Way-Out

“Work Smarter, Not Harder”

This is the mantra everyone is following in the current generation. The beliefs of working hard are replaced by the concept of finding an easy-way-out to every situation. Today the most innovative brains have found the most convenient yet the smarter way to every problem.

In the age where technological developments have grown significantly, an era where impossible is just an opinion; people are still struggling to gather higher education. Time has proven to be the main constraint in attaining a higher degree; working professionals find it difficult to dive in the pool of knowledge when they are already struggling with a corporate job. For some people huge monetary investment, keeps the dream of achieving a higher degree away from them. Jaro Education introduced a new concept through the most convenient mode, ‘internet’.

Jaro Education: A pioneer of Online Education Industry

Jaro Education was established in the year 2009 and since then is catering to the needs of students. Jaro Education has collaboration with

• Ulyanovsk University, which ranks amongst Top 10 universities in Russia
• Ural Federal University, Russia which ranks amongst Top 500 universities in the world
• Bharathiar University

Jaro Education has successfully enrolled more than 15000 students. Jaro Education provides National and International MBA programs from these universities.
At present around 6.7 million students across the world are pursuing online education, from the stats we conclude that every third person is acquiring MBA degree. Almost 77% of the corporate leaders acknowledge the fact that attaining an online MBA/PGDM degree is better than the conventional class-room learning. Give weightage to your resume; go for online MBA with Jaro Education.

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Apr 2, 2014

Kick Start Your Career With Online MBA in IT

Information Technology (IT) is the fastest growing sector with the enormous growth opportunities. These days, six out of ten people are engineers; this ratio proves that almost every other individual is an engineer today. With the growing population of engineers the competition in job market is becoming ferocious. Multinational organizations are seeking candidates with something more than just a degree in engineering. In this tough competition acquiring an MBA degree in IT would make your resume stand-out in crowd of job seekers.
Pursuing an MBA degree in IT would give you an edge in any organization which equips the candidate with the required set of management skills like project handling, which would instill the team leading quality. Being an engineer and an MBA the person would be able to make the optimum use of the available resources. MBA enhances the analytical insight of an individual which would help at operational level. With online MBA you can attain these skills without having to sacrifice your professional life. 

Online MBA in IT from Jaro Education:

MBA in IT from Jaro Education would equip you with every asset which enhances your career growth. Jaro Education provides online MBA with the specialization in IT. We provide around the clock online and recorded lectures from the most esteemed and experienced faculty, complete study material and constant online support from our counselors. In IT specialization various important subjects like IT Project management, Enterprise Resource Planning and E-Commerce are covered. Assignments are allotted to students which enable them to implement their theoretical knowledge in corporate world.  

Pursuing an MBA in IT is the best opportunity for an engineer to accelerate the career growth. MBA in IT widens the job opportunities at the managerial level. The positions like,

Job opportunities after MBA in IT

  • IT Director, Chief Technology Officer,
  • Management Information Systems Director,
  • Information Technology Management Consultant,
These are the few mentioned job opportunities which would be available after pursuing MBA in IT.  Join Jaro Education and widen up the scope of your career. 
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Jan 23, 2014

Dispel your online MBA myths and take your career to new level

A tangible convenience provided by the online education courses has resulted into marvelous increase in the number of students opting for the various education courses online so as to earn great career benefits. Among them, an online MBA course grabs the highest position in the list with its increasing demand and the great advantages it offers the working professionals and students with enabling them to achieve fast-paced career growth and top positions in the corporate global world. However some students fail to reap the benefits of such fruitful online MBA programs because of various myths settling home in their minds.

Now dispel your online MBA myths and reap the benefits of the various opportunities offered by an online MBA program taking your career to great heights.

1) Lacks accreditation: The most common myth that exists among the students is that all online MBA courses are non-accredited. There are institutions that provide the online MBA degree with proper accreditations. Also there exist unaccredited online MBA courses however one needs to check accreditations before enrolling into an online MBA program.

2) Eligibility misconceptions: There is a great misconception among the students that a bachelor’s degree is necessary for enrolling an online MBA course. However it is a partial concept, a postgraduate business management diploma candidate is also eligible to enroll with an online MBA course.

 3) Only for experienced candidates: Another misconception about the online MBA program is that it is only suitable for working professionals. This belief is completely incorrect. It caters to both the graduates as well as working professionals. Instead it also helps bringing opportunities for the fresh graduates associated with an online MBA program.

4) Lacks personal interaction with professors: This is one the biggest false conception existing in the mind of the students that deprives them for choose an online MBA program. The online MBA programs imparts knowledge through online mode of learning through video lectures, e-content, PPTs and PDF files, etc and also have live interactions facilities for one-on-one interaction with the professors. Jaro Education, an online education institution providing online MBA programs facilities its students with the best personal exposure of students with the professors.

5) Limited networking opportunities: Another misconception about an online MBA program is its limited networking opportunities. Professors of the online MBA programs have devised message boards and forums to support discussions and collaborations. In fact an online program eliminates the geographical boundaries and students can be a part of discussion or debate anytime and sitting anywhere strengthening their network throughout the world.

6) Less value to the employers: This is another completely wrong conception. Employers demand professionals with the equal blend of experience and education qualification. As long as your degree is from a well accredited institution, no employer can deny your online MBA degree to be valuable.

7) Inferior than on-campus programs: The online MBA programs have elevated their quality to that of the traditional MBA programs. it has the same module of studies and same concepts of knowledge. Also it requires a new level of self-motivation and dedication on the part of the students that keep them more interested and learn more efficiently.

8) Online MBA programs are quite expensive: This is a complete contrary statement. An online MBA program is more affordable than that of the traditional MBA programs. It not only saves your money by providing you the course at a reasonable rate but also saves your money which would have otherwise been utilized for travelling to and from colleges in traditional MBA programs. You also save your tuition fees, expenses of costly books and need to spend your money for acquiring an MBA degree relocating to another location.

Thus you can now clarify and discard your misconceptions of an online MBA program and polish your knowledge with these facts and can willingly enroll into an online MBA program to enjoy its benefits and take your career to new level.

You can enroll yourself with the best online MBA program of Jaro Education providing you with world class-knowledge of global corporate world and extensive opportunities taking your career to great heights.

Why Opt For MBA in marketing?

Marketing is basically the act of communicating the value of the product or services to the target audiences and inducing them to buy the products. It serves as the basis for the survival of an organization or a company as the response for its product depends greatly on the marketing skills of a company. It is an ever-evolving field that provides great career prospects and brings hot career opportunities for the professionals worldwide.

Marketing department plays a key role in every company in today’s time. A good marketing department brings great response for the product of the company. The field offers commendable job opportunities for the professionals who are looking out for a challenging and dynamic career with the chance to earn the most lucrative jobs, good pay packages and top potential positions in the global corporate world. Proving out to be the most desired candidate in such competitive world becomes really difficult. Here a managerial degree in this respect can help you to enhance your marketing knowledge and skills and offer you with the bright career.

MBA in marketing degree differentiates you from the crowd and adds an extra-value to your profile. It instills the essential marketing strategies advancing your career for achieving the most fruitful jobs and preparing you to hold the top responsible positions in the global market. Professionals holding MBA in marketing degrees have wide career scope and fast-track career growth to be achieved.

Career opportunities for MBAs in marketing:

Marketing manager: The main responsibilities of marketing managers are to ensure customer satisfaction, international marketing and devise marketing strategies and keep updated with the technological advancements. The MBAs in marketing with immense knowledge on market research and customer satisfaction can brilliantly hold this position.

Brand manager: An MBA in marketing with potential analytical and strategic qualities can pursue their career as a brand manager. A brand manager is responsible for promoting and positioning the activities including advertising, media and market research activities like identifying the area of target audience, displaying their brand in the area of target, etc.

Market research analyst:  There is a great scope for MBA in marketing professionals to take up a career as market research analyst. The research analysts are responsible for carrying out the market research and study various consumer behaviors and preferences and helps in making the business strategies.

Sales manager: A sales manager is concerned with various activities like ensuring customer satisfaction, setting sales target, monitoring schemes of retail trade and distributors and other important factor relating the sales activities. An MBA in marketing possess great quality to develop a challenging career as sales manager in a company.

Media planning: An MBA in marketing can develop a good career in media planning. Its responsibility is to decide the advertising time, space and through which media mode the advertisement should be released for achieving the marketing targets of the company.

Product management:  Product management also serves a good option for a successful career of an MBA in marketing professional. A product manager is responsible for effectiveness and market growth of a product line.

Internet manager: Internet management has become one of the hot job career options for the MBAs in marketing. It deals with exercising the marketing functions through various mediums on internet.

Thus MBA in marketing serves to be the most suitable career option for the dynamic professionals for successful career. But it becomes difficult in today’s time to pursue full-time MBA programs for the business professionals, so online MBA programs becomes the best alternative.

Jaro Education is an online education institution that provides the best online MBA in marketing program for the working professionals and individuals offering them with the maximum flexibility and opening great career prospects for them. It instills the necessary marketing skills and qualities into the individuals and enables them to attain the right balance of education and experience thereby grabbing the hot job career opportunities for them and fast-paced career growth. Jaro Education career also provides the students with placement assistance. It facilitates the marketing professionals with the best career options and to achieve reputable position in the global corporate world.